Paper Loop Airplane Craft

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…. well, yes, it’s a plane! It’s our Paper Loop Airplane Craft! Such a fun craft made with only two different colors of paper and our Free Printable Paper Loop Airplane Template.

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We love paper crafts and paper loop crafts have become some of our favorites recently, as well. This craft is not only great for imagination, as you’re creating something you can then play with that comes together with so few supplies. But it’s great scissor practice, too, as there are some pieces that need cutting out.

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paper loop airplane craft supplies

To make our Paper Loop Airplane Craft you will need our Paper Loop Airplane Template, light cardstock in multiple colors, stapler, a glue stick, scissors, and a black marker.

Make a Paper Airplane

Supplies needed:

Begin by cutting out the pieces of the template. Make sure to also cut the line across the bottom of the template. Trace the main section and tail on one color of cardstock. The wings and propeller strip are another color.

paper loop airplane template pieces

Cut all the pieces out.

staple paper loop

Bring the two ends of the main body strip together and staple on both sides.

airplane back wing

Glue the small wing at the end of the plane, covering most of the staples.

airplane front wing

Now glue the big wing towards the front of the plane, along the loop.

paper propeller pieces

Cut the propeller strip in half. Glue the pieces together in a + sign.

black circle in center of propeller

Use the black marker to color in a small circle in the center of the propellers.

airplane propeller

Then glue onto the very front of the plane.

snip for tail

Finally, make a slit in the center of the back of the plane. It needs to be about an inch or so long.

tail fold

Fold just the very bottom of the tail and apply glue along the fold.

airplane tail

Now slide the fold of the tail into the slit.

paper loop airplanes

And they’re ready to fly! OK, I don’t think they’ll actually fly. But it’s fun to pretend.

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paper loop airplane styled image on white background

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