Paper Super Dad Craft

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! It’s Super Dad! Show him just how much you appreciate all his mighty powers with our Paper Super Dad Craft. Of course, we have a Free Printable Super Dad Template, too, so it’s easy enough for even the littlest of sidekicks.

Paper Super Dad Craft main image.

This is such a super paper craft for Father’s Day! Basically, pick your colors then cut from the template and paste together. Don’t forget Super Dad’s symbol. You could also write more of a Happy Father’s Day message on the back of this craft, as well.

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Make a Super Dad Paper Craft for Father’s Day

Paper Super Dad Craft supplies needed.

To make our Paper Super Dad Craft you will need our Super Dad template along with cardstock in assorted colors, a black pen, a glue stick, and scissors.

Super Dad Craft Supplies Needed

Father’s Day Super Dad Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin by printing the template.

Cut template pieces on chosen colors of cardstock.

Select cardstock colors for your dad’s skin tone and different colors for the costume. Trace the template patterns on the selected cardstock colors and cut out.

Glue mask on head cutout and cut a slit along hair pattern.

Now, attach the mask cutout near the top side of the head cutout. Cut a slit along the yellow marked line of the hair pattern.

Slide head in slit of hair pattern and glue.

Slide the head cutout through the slit of the hair from below. Apply glue to fix the hair with the head cutout.

Glue together shirt, pants, and shoes.

Then, glue the pants with the shirt and then attach the shoe cutouts on the bottom ends of the pant pattern.

Glue head in place.

Next, glue the head pattern on the top side of the shirt pattern.

Glue cape to the back of Super Dad use a black pen to draw details on the face.

Glue the cape pattern on the backside of the paper figure. Use a pen to draw the nose, eyes and mouth of the paper figure.

Write Super Dad in center of yellow circle.

Finally, Write “Super Dad” on the round paper cutout and attach it on the shirt pattern.

Paper Super Dad.

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