Cardboard Roll House Craft

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Many times, the best crafts aren’t super complicated. And that’s what makes this Cardboard Roll House Craft so great. Not only is it a really cute craft for kids, but it’s just so easy, too.

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There’s nothing more creative than putting together your own little town of sweet cardboard roll houses. It’s such an invitation to make up fun stories about the people who may live there and their families. You can get as elaborate in detail as your imagination allows about who may have bought real estate in your town.

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Does your little one like to sit with you while you watch House Hunters or even the home renovation shows? Along with crafting their first house from a cardboard roll, it’s just the first steps to building their own dream. It’s these little steps that just might lead to something bigger. You never know, you may be encouraging the next David Ebrahimzadeh, a pro on real estate investing.

Make an Easy House Craft with Cardboard Rolls

To make our Easy Cardboard Roll House Craft you will need to gather toilet paper size cardboard rolls, colorful markers, scissors, and a glue stick.

Cardboard Roll House Craft supplies needed.

You will also need lightweight cardstock in assorted colors for the roof and chimney. I prefer using cardstock in our crafts as it’s just sturdier than construction paper. I also feel like the color of cardstock is more vibrant. But construction paper will work for this craft, too.

Easy House Craft Supplies Needed

  • Cardboard rolls
  • Lightweight cardstock – assorted colors
  • Markers – assorted colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Cardboard Roll House Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin with a clean toilet paper roll size cardboard roll. Our cardboard rolls were a nice house kind of tan color already, but you can paint the rolls with acrylic paint if preferred.

Pinch top of cardboard roll closed.

Then you’re going to pinch the top of the cardboard roll closed.

Cut paper rectangle to fit.

Now, cut a rectangular strip from the colorful cardstock to fit the width of the pinched top, with some overhang along the length.

Fold rectangle in half and glue over pinched top of cardboard roll.

Fold the cardstock rectangle in half and place over the pinched top for the roof. Cut to adjust the size of the overhang if needed. Then, once sized correctly, glue the roof in place.

Cut strip for chimney.

Next, cut a small strip out of a different color cardstock. Glue this strip in place for the chimney.

Use markers to draw windows and a door.

Then, use a colorful marker to draw a couple windows and a door.

Use markers to detail roof, as well.

You can also draw some scalloped lines across the roof, too, for detail and character.

Cardboard Roll House Craft.

How fun and perfect is this adorably easy house craft? It’s definitely one of our favorites and we hope you enjoy making your own neighbordhood of houses together, too!

Cardboard Roll House Craft styled image.

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