Dolphin Printable Coloring Book

Smart, playful and cute, dolphins are probably the most loved aquatic creatures out there. This free printable Dolphin Coloring Book is a good way to introduce your kid to them and even pique their interest in them. 

Free Printable Dolphin Coloring Book

Download our Dolphin Coloring Book

This is one of those low effort, no-prep activities that you’ll absolutely love. All you need to do is print these sheets out, grab a box of your kid’s favorite crayons, and that’s it. 

Why our Dolphin Coloring Book?

With 6 free printable dolphin pages to color, this dolphin coloring book is a great way for your kid to unleash their creativity.

Coloring pages are an effortless way to keep your kid occupied in an activity that strengthens his fine motor skills, boosts his creativity and so much more. 

It truly is the best way to keep your little one busy with an activity that’s constructive, informative and so much fun too!

What’s Inside

You’ll find lots of different styled coloring pages in this dolphin coloring book pack. 

Dolphin Coloring Book Cover Page

There’s a cute and fun cover page with a space for your little one to write their name, and call it their own coloring book. 

4 Dolphins Swimming

You’ll find a simple, minimalistic coloring page that features 4 dolphins swimming in the water. The bold outlines here are super helpful, because you’ll be able to use this one for a painting activity if you want to. 

Happy Dolphin with Background Details

There’s a delightful coloring page that features a happy dolphin surrounded by other smaller fish, some rocks and other aquatic life. This one can be a fun crayon coloring activity. 

Dolphins Jumping Out 

There’s another minimalistic sheet that has bold outlines, and features dolphins jumping out of the water, playing in the sun. 

This can be a great water coloring or painting activity option. 

6 Dolphins Surrounded by Bubbles

This one’s another page with thick outlines. Here, you’ll find 6 dolphins that are surrounded by lots of bubbles, making it a great conversation starter and also possibly an activity sheet. 

Dolphin Surrounded by Sea Creatures

This sheet is great for writing practice and learning spelling while still enjoying a classic coloring activity. 

>> Download the Free Printable Dolphin Coloring Book here!

Books to go with our Dolphin Coloring Book

Dive even further into a sea of dolphins by grabbing one of these fun books to go with our coloring books:

Making this Dolphin Coloring Book More Fun

To make the most of this dolphin coloring book, you can also sneak in some fun activities using these sheets and just a few craft essentials. 

  • You could get a few blue colored sequins or pom pom balls, and ask your kiddo to paste them where bubbles are featured on the coloring sheet. 
  • Another great idea is to use a small piece of bubble wrap, get your kid to paint on it and then use it to add color to the background of one of the sheets. 
  • Another interesting way to use these sheets is to stick crinkled paper to add texture to different parts and elements of the sheets. 

Ocean Animal Crafts

You can also make this coloring book a part of a fun aquatic themed activity for your kiddo. Team it up with interesting crafts centered around other aquatic creatures- like this paper loop pufferfish craft or this yarn jellyfish craft or an easy cupcake liner seahorse craft

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