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Paper Heart Elephant Valentine Craft

When you think of Valentine’s Day, maybe elephants aren’t the first animal that comes to mind. But maybe they should be. And maybe they will be when you make our adorable cut and paste Paper Heart Elephant Valentine Craft. We’ve included a Free Elephant Template to make them even easier, too.

Paper Heart Elephant Valentine Craft main image

My youngest little guy went through an elephant stage not long ago. In fact, they’re still his favorite animal. He’ll do the whole trunk motion while making an elephant noise whenever he sees one in a book or on tv. Thus it’s only fitting that we make some elephant valentines for him.

Paper Heart Elephant Valentine Craft styled image

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Paper Heart Elephant Valentine Craft supplies needed

To make our Paper Heart Elephant Valentine Craft you will need our Heart Elephant Template, cardstock, a glue stick, and scissors.

Make a Paper Elephant Craft for Valentine’s Day

Supplies needed:

Print the Heart Elephant Template.

template pieces cut out

Select two different shades of blue cardstock, as well as grey colored craft paper. You could also use pink. Trace the inner ear patterns on the grey paper and the trunk on the darker shade of the blue paper. Trace the rest of the patterns on the other shade of blue paper. Cut out the traced patterns as nicely as possible.

inner ears glued

Glue the grey inner ear patterns on the outer ear patterns. Stick the tail pattern on either side of the body pattern.

ears and tail glued

Stick the ear patterns on both sides of the head pattern, near the top side.

trunk and eyes glued

Now, adhere the eyes and the trunk on the head pattern as well. Glue the top end of the trunk only, keeping the bottom side of the trunk free from gluing.

elephant glued

Stick the head pattern on the top side of the body pattern

elephant holding heart

Trace and cut out a heart shape from the red cardstock. Place the heart under the trunk by sliding the heart from the bottom open side of the trunk.

Paper Heart Elephant Valentine Craft styled image on white background

Such a cute craft! We hope you love making this, and giving it, as much as we did. And be sure to check out more of our Valentine’s Day crafts at Our Kid Things!

Paper Heart Elephant Valentine Craft pin image

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