Back to School Coloring Book

This Back to School Coloring Book packs in lots of fun coloring pages and sheets, promising to get your kid excited about getting back! 

Back to School Coloring Book

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From the school bus ride to art and lunch time in school, these pages are packed with beautiful illustrations for your kids to add color to! You can print these out in the week before school, the first day of school or any time of the year.

Why This Back to School Coloring Book?

Printable coloring pages are a great low cost activity to get your kids occupied with. They’re effortless, and take just a few simple supplies. 

This back to school coloring book is specifically aimed at creating a positive mindset about school. With fun and exciting illustrations that your kids can get to life, this coloring book can be a great activity to calm down any nervousness or back to school anxiety that your child might have. 

What’s Inside

There are lots of different school themed coloring pages inside this back to school coloring book. 

Back to School Coloring Book Cover Page

There’s a fun cover page depicting school activities and essentials, along with a space where your kid can write down his name. 

Back to School Essentials

You’ll find lots of sheets highlighting school essentials. You can set up these sheets when you’re getting your kid ready to pack his new backpack and add all his school stationery and essentials.  

Letter Practise

There’s a specific coloring sheet dedicated to the letter B, where your child can practice his writing skills and also add life and color to the school bus. You can team this sheet up with the ‘Wheels on the Bus’ rhyme to make it more fun. 

School Lunch Fun

There’s another sheet dedicated to school lunches. This is great for toddlers and kids who are experiencing any nervousness about their meals at school. This can be a great way to actually make them excited about lunch time. 

Starry Time

You’ll also find a couple of sheets with lots of stars and fun illustrations, all themed around back to school fun. 

>> Download the Back to School Coloring Book here!

Back to School Books

When getting ready for school days ahead, be sure to pair our coloring book with one of these back to school books:

Making this Back to School Coloring Book More Fun

You can actually make these simple back to school coloring sheets even more fun by adding your own creative spin on it. 

  • You can use the school bus sheet and set it up as a cutting and pasting activity for your kid. All you need is some colored paper and a glue stick. 
  • Another great idea is to use star sequins which you can let your kid paste on the areas on the sheet that have stars on them. 
  • Some sheets have letters on them- you can get your kid’s magnetic letters out and ask him to identify and hunt for the letters on the sheet. 
Back to School Coloring Book Free Printables

Back to School Crafts

To make things even more fun, you can team these coloring sheets up with some simple back to school crafts. Be sure to check out our back to school backpack craft, a paper plate school bus craft, or even just a simple cardboard roll crayon craft.

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